R3D29: Swallowing a snotty fireball.

Yay for me!

I actually got out of bed when I was supposed to this morning.


This morning I’m making spicy sausage and apples. We have pre-formed patties in the fridge and it seems like an easy-ish option.

As we were eating, all we could hear was Remi spitting up fur balls in the other room. It was really nice background noise. NOT.

After breakfast, I went to get ready for work. The morning goes much more smoothly when I know what I’m wearing for the day. I’m meeting with a fashion blogger this afternoon and wanted to make sure I was good-to-go with my outfit choice. I decided on one of the Gwynnie Bee dresses that I never returned from last week. I am on the fence about whether I should buy the dress or not.

It’s a little loose on me, which is the biggest reason I probably won’t buy it. But – for today it looks great.

I did my hair, makeup, and was out the door 10 mins early.


I’m going to have a limited day at the office, so I’m trying to bang out as much work as early as possible.

I feel like a hungry-hungry hippo for some reason though and am seriously debating making a snack. Rarely will I have snacks while on the Whole30, but I find that I need to trust my body to know what it needs.

I ended up eating an apple with some almond butter to hold me over.


I wasn’t really thinking about the fact that my meeting with the blogger later is at a restaurant. Hm. I probably shouldn’t have had that snack. Either way, I’m eating my lunch at the office and will probably get a small…. snack… at the restaurant to partake in the eating festivities. This doesn’t seem like the smartest move on day 29, but I’m going with it.

I have to leave the office in about 20 mins. So I’m doing some last minute cyber stalking on the woman I’m meeting. I’m pretty good at it.

In fact, Brad is usually super creeped out if someone wants to buy something off of us, and when he gives me their name, I return with a full synopsis of who they are and what they’re doing with their life. Social media can be a dangerous place.

We’re meeting in the Burlington, MA area – which works out fabulously, because it’s the same town that has Wegmans, which stocks our bacon, and is 45 minutes from my house. Anytime I’m in the area, I stock up on bacon. Today will be one of those days.

It’s not raining outside, so I’m happy to get out of the office. The time of the meeting also allows me to skip out of work a little early depending on what time it is when we finish.

The weeks when we’re going into a long weekend always feel like they drag on. I’m convinced it is because we are so focused on getting to the weekend. Brad and I are getting away for a mini-vacation in Burlington, VT. We haven’t been away since October 2016, and I know if we were to stay home, it would just become a weekend of chores.


The meeting went really well. I’m excited about big changes coming in the next year. But – I’m driving home in rush hour traffic and I NEED TO PEE SOMETHING FIERCE. An hour later, I made it home. I ran inside and  B-lined to the bathroom, leaving everything in my car – I can get it later.

Something tells me it isn’t a good thing when you are actually SURPRISED that you made it to the bathroom in time. I would by lying if I didn’t say I seriously thought about finding a closer wooded spot in my yard because I didn’t know if I could make it.

Sorry, folks, no pee accidents on my watch today.

I got back to working out.

I’ve been slacking big time ya’ll. But – it’s all about moving forward. I did my 15 min Nike Training Club workout.


Tonight was chorizo sweet potato hash. I thought it was really good – Brad didn’t like it.

I think his words were, “I feel like I’m eating a snotty fireball.”


To be fair, he can’t really taste anything because he has a cold. The meal was pretty spicy, so he was spending the time complaining about its texture and heat.

More for me I guess!

We only have one more episode of Designated Survivor until we are real-time and have to be like regular people, watching it on the nights that it airs. Now that we’re totes hooked there really is no way of getting around it.

We also watched the second half of the final episode of Scandal. Our DVR recorded version was choppy the second half because we got a major storm that night. It was pretty inconvenient considering we *SPOILER ALERT* found out that the new VP, Mrs. Vargus was behind the execution of her husband and president Elect. SAY WHAT?!

All in all, today was a pretty successful day 29. I’m ready to be done another round and onto a #paleoliving lifestyle!

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