R3D28: Wanna trade… or?

Waking up was a true struggle this morning. For some reason, I wake up like clockwork on the weekend, but when Monday rolls around, I want nothing to do with getting out of bed.

My eyes haven’t had a break, so I’m going to wear my glasses to work today. It’s supposed to be crappy and rainy, so I’m also doing the black mood black outfit kinda thing.


I made a smoothie for breakfast and drank it on my way to work. My tiredness is really affecting my motivation this morning.

When I got into work, I was playing catch-up with all kinds of tasks. I’m all over the place with trying to get things together for the nonprofit, but also keep corporate marketing on track.

The day completely got away from me, and before I knew it – it was lunchtime.


I’m so glad that I remembered to make the chicken cobb salad yesterday for lunch. It was so good. Although, I did forget the avocado which was a little disappointing.

Normally, we make the buffalo ranch dressing, but today I had it with regular ranch. Honestly, I think I liked it better this way.

Wanna Trade… or?

We have a truck that we’ve been trying to sell for a month or so now (since Brad got his new truck). I’m getting super annoyed because everything we list it for sale, someone flags it. We know who it is that keeps flagging it – a kid that we politely turned down a trade for.

Now we’re wondering… should we consider trades? At this point, I just want the darn thing out of my driveway. It’s a big ass truck and takes up a big space in our yard. It’s also not the prettiest thing in the world to look at.

Brad is emailing people who are looking for truck trades and have interesting cars. At the very least, I don’t hate the idea of having a fun summer car to enjoy while we try to sell it. At the top of the “I’m interested” list is a mini cooper.

Obviously, I’d rather just sell it. But, it seems like not too many people are in the market for yard trucks right now.

What’s up with this traffic?

It seems like this past week has been horrid with traffic. I’ve gone home a different way than normal the past two days because the highway has been so packed. I really hoping this doesn’t continue all summer. I normally get home around 4:30PM, but lately, it’s been 5PM.


When we went to the grocery store yesterday I picked up some jumbo scallops. It’s rare that I ever make this because of how expensive they are, but I’m getting really good at panfrying these bad boys to perfection.

Pool Time!

I can’t believe that June is just a few days away. Brad and I decided that we’re going to open the pool the Monday of Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully, the pollen slows down at that point and it’s consistently warm enough that we can use it.

The weather has been all kinds of wacky. We had a few days stretch of 90+ degrees weather and now it’s back in the 60s.

Designated Survivor

We’re almost caught up on this season of Designated Survivor. We’re watching a few episodes tonight and I’m not sure what we’re going to binge-watch next. Suggestions?

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