R3D27: It’s getting hot in here. Hot tub, that is.

I was up at 6AM again this morning.

It is getting really old waking up so early, especially with how late I went to bed last night.

Today, I lazed it up, went downstairs and watched the news.

At 8AM I woke Brad up so we could make breakfast. My dinner was less than stellar last night, so my hunger pains carried over to this morning.


We made the leftover potatoes from yesterday along with spicy breakfast sausage and apples. I don’t know if I could ever get sick of this Pederson’s spicy breakfast sausage. I only wish that they sold it in the stores! We have to buy it online at The Simple Grocer. This most recent time we purchased it, we bought 16 packages – allowing us to spend the least amount of each package possible.

The freezer in the basement is basically dedicated to storing our Pederson’s spicy sausage.

I’m a big fan of the apples for breakfast because I feel like I’m eating apple pie. I don’t even miss the crust.

After breakfast, Brad went outside to mow the lawn and cut down tree limbs. I ended up cleaning the house.

Today we are picking up my parent’s hot tub that they no longer want.

Yes, Please.

They called me around noon to say they were home and we could come by whenever. I know this is not going to be an easy task. We hooked the trailer up to the truck and headed right over.

Thankfully, my brother also happened to be pulling into the driveway when we got there. So, we have another strapping young lad to help us move this monster. I was lucky and got to hang out with my niece, Lennon, while they wrangled the thing into the trailer.

She kept saying out the screen door “careful. Careful.” as they moved it down a flight of stairs of the deck. It was pretty darn cute.

The hot tub was on the trailer on its side all tied down. Just as we were pulling off my parent’s road, Brad said, “hopefully this thing isn’t too top heavy, otherwise it could tip the entire trailer over.”

I’m sorry, what?!

Now I’m freaking out. He should know better than to say something like that to me.

On our way home, we noticed one of the tie downs was flapping in the wind.

Yep. It came undone.

So, we pulled over, Brad re-tightened it and we were on our way. Luckily, we made it home without incident.

It was a little easier getting the hot tub into my backyard because we just backed the truck right up to the fence to unload it. We still need to level out the area we want to put it and build some kind of patio/deck to put it on. For now, it’s just sitting in the middle of the concrete patio.

We had borrowed the trailer from Brad’s parents, so we decided to just drive it back right now.

We dropped off the trailer and went on our way to the butcher shop to pick up the meat we didn’t get at the grocery store on Friday.

I’m starving. It’s now 2pm and we haven’t eaten since breakfast. We stopped at CVS and made it work.


I bought a Lara bar and free-dried peaches.

I’d highly suggest NOT buying the peaches. They were gross and tasted like dog food, but I was desperate.

Brad got Cheetos.



By the time we finished with our errands it was already 4:30PM. We’re making ribs for dinner tonight and they’re going to take an hour and a half. With how little I’ve actually eatent today, I decided we were getting this dinner process going.

Brad wasn’t thrilled because it meant we were stuck at the house the rest of the day.


The ribs came out amazing.


I made asparagus and had more of the leftover home fries. Brad made himself a baked potato and skipped the asparagus. This dinner was totally worth it.

I can’t believe this weekend is basically already over. I feel like I never really had any time off. We haven’t stopped, and part of my weekend was spent “working” at the fashion show.

We watched a few episodes of Designated Survivor and went to bed early. We’re going to be caught up on the current season in the next few days at the rate we’re going.


I have to admit that I have completely fallen off the 30day pushup challenge I created for myself. I had been doing really well, but distractions kept getting in the way.

My workouts also could have been much better this week. I skipped 2 of my workouts and am not feeling all that great about it.

Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m going to be better about my working out. I’m nearing day 30 and feel like this round has gone by so much farther than others. Maybe it is because I did a Whole90 last time? Either way, I’m super proud of the fact that I am going to complete my Whole30 again. There are a so many people that say when they go back to do a Whole30 they end up failing and falling off the bandwagon. It’s almost like, once you complete it a first time, it’s easy to keep telling yourself “I did it once, so I can start again whenever and do it. I’ve already proven it.”

I’m curious to see how the extra working out (with the exception of this past week) is going to effect my results. I’m feeling amazing and don’t want to stop, ever.

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