R3D26: Not a heel girl

It’s Saturday, yet I managed to wake up at 5:30AM.

I was nice to Brad and snuck out of bed, showered, and got ready for the day.

Originally, I was planning on watching the news but ended up making home fries and hollandaise for a big breakfast. I’ve never made the Whole30 hollandaise before but have always wanted to. Brad isn’t the biggest fan of hollandaise which is why I’ve never made it before. But, with all the extra time I have this morning… I figured why not.


I was surprised when I didn’t have to wake Brad up this morning. He came downstairs around 7AM and made the bacon and eggs for breakfast. We’re going to be spending the day cleaning up a tree that fell in our side yard due to the storm we had this past week.

Breakfast was on point this morning. I really enjoyed the hollandaise, but I doubt I’ll make it often, or ever again. For the amount of work and the fact that you can’t really store the leftovers makes it not seem worth it.

Worker Bees

We went right outside after breakfast to tackle the tree and will have to make a few runs to the dump in order to get rid of the brush.

We were only outside for about an hour before we decided to make the first run to the dump. Brad laughed at me as I had to stop to take my Instagram-worthy photo of my La Croix. I’ve never tried the Passionfruit before and we bought it when we went food shopping last night.

Cleaning up the tree wasn’t as bad as I thought. We finished in about 2 hours.


After we were done working on the tree, we sat down for leftover chicken tenders and salad. They are just as delicious as they were last night. I feel like I need to make these for a party I’m going to, and as everyone eats them and comments about how delicious they are I need to say, “HA, GOTCHA! THEY’RE WHOLE30 COMPLIANT, YOU’RE EATING HEALTHY NOW, BITCHES!”

Maybe I wouldn’t say it with so much enthusiasm, but that is how I picture it in my head.

What to wear!?

I am going to a fashion show tonight for work in Boston and can’t decide what to wear.

Brad and I went to Kohls since we have $10 in Kohls cash, and I thought I might be able to find a nice blazer to wear over one of my dresses. He seemed happy to take the convertible out for a ride but was complaining that he felt like a slob since he hadn’t showered yet.


When we got home from Kohls, I jumped in the shower and started getting ready for tonight.

In the end, I decided on black pants and a nice blouse. It seemed like the safest option because I’ll fit in no matter what anyone else is wearing.

I’m sure there isn’t going to be anything I can eat, so I made a smoothie to drink on my ride into Boston.


I parked where I was told but then had to walk about a quarter mile to the venue in heels. I’m not a big heel girl, so this is really testing my limits.

When I checked in I got a VIP lanyard. #fancy.

The space the fashion show is in is so cool. There is a glass raindrop sculpture hanging from the ceiling.

The students at Massart did an amazing job. I only wish I could be that talented! There were some of the classic beautiful ball gown dresses…

and an entire section of unconventional garments made out of random items.

By the time I got home it was late and I was starving. It’s kind of cool that my job allows me to do fun things like go to fashion shows. But, I’m happy I’m finally home.

Brad was already in bed by the time I walked in, so I called it a night.

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