R3D25: How not to re-purpose spice jars.


This morning I wanted to make a quick breakfast. So, it was Trader Joe’s spicy Italian sausage w/warm apples on the side.

Office Help

When I got to work, I was excited to learn that I could steal one of the office employees to help me with customer data reports on a weekly basis. I feel like it is one of those tasks that takes me so long, but at the same time, it really needs to be done.

We spent the morning going over how to pull reports and I started to feel bad about how much I was asking her to do. The reports, for me, have become second nature and it didn’t seem like it was going to be as bad as it is.

Business Cards

Brad texted me, freaking out that he needed business cards. He’s been doing a lot of metal art lately and is designing tropies for a Memorial Day weekend car show. He’d like to put out a business cards in hopes of drumming up more business, but we don’t exactly have a lot of time.

I put something together for him quickly and sent it off to Staples for same-day printing. They should be ready tonight after 5PM.


For lunch, I’m having buffalo chicken over a sweet potato. Brad went for seconds of last night’s dinner and we didn’t have enough to both eat it for lunch today. I still have some pulled chicken waiting for me in the office fridge.

The wonders of the world wide web

Brad is trying to get his business stuff together for making/metalworking. I’m trying to help him understand the inner workings fo Etsy and Pinterest. He seemed amazed that you can pin a for sale link from Esty to Pinterest. He also seems pretty excited that this hobby could put a few extra bucks in the bank.

Whole30 takes a little work

I’ve been slacking this week when it comes to meal planning and need to make the schedule so we can go food shopping. The only thing that keeps me on track with my eating throughout the week are these meal plans. This is the one part of my plan that I cannot mess up, I might be able to wing a last minute meal if needed, but I always need to know what I’m making and when.

I was pretty happy with the plan I came up with for this week. It is fairly simple and we should get out of this week without having to spend a ton of money on groceries.

Ego Boost

When I got home from work there was a Gwynnie Bee dress waiting for me. I’m pretty excited to try the new one that came in because it’s summery and fun. It’s also an XS which is a pretty big ego-boost. I know the dress itself is still bigger then MANY other size XS out there, but I’m going to take the win while I can.

As I was waiting for Brad to get home I started prepping dinner. We’re having chicken tenders made with coconut and cassava flour.

The last time we had it they were amazing, so I’m hoping it is just as good tonight.

I followed the recipe, cut up the chicken, made the flour dredge and set it all aside. When Brad got home we decided to be pro-active and came up with the shopping list. We are going to get the food shopping done tonight to save a little extra time this weekend.

He made it a point to say “we need onion powder.” 

And my response was, “We have an entire thing of onion powder in the spice rack.”

Apparently, he repurposed an old onion powder container to make a  “mayo-mix.” According to him, he told me he did this. He might have, but it was IN the spice rack.

His response, “Well, I left it on the counter.”

He never took the “onion powder” label off and it made its way back into the cupboard. It looks like these chicken tenders may NOT taste like last time….

Gettin’ it done.

The weather is beautiful, so we’re going to take out the convertible and get this food shopping over with.

I didn’t realize food shopping was going to turn into a laundry list of errands. I was wearing a dress and heels and absolutely would have changed if I realized we would be walking all over God’s green earth this afternoon. We bought the food, picked up his newly printed business cards, and also stopped at Home Depot.

When we got home, Brad refused to take multiple trips when bringing in the groceries. So, he was determined to do it in one trip…. or die trying.


It’s still light out, but getting dark fast. It took an hour to make dinner and by the time we finally sat down to eat we were both exhausted.

Dinner was delicious, even with the mix up in onion powder. I was afraid it was going to be too salty because I added salt to the dry mix along with the salt that was already in the mystery mayo-mix that I accidentally used.

I also roasted up some baby potatoes to have on the side.

We cleaned up the kitchen, and it was almost 9PM by the time we were done. So, we finally say down, watched Designated Survivor, and went to bed shortly after.

We are totally digging this new show, but there is only one season available so far. I have a feeling it isn’t going to take us long to get caught up to real-time.

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