R3D24: hot Hot HOT

I woke up with a killer stomach ache and knew that I wouldn’t eat eggs if I made them for breakfast.

So, I’m having a Banana Smash instead. My stomach ache is most likely due to the major lack of food I ate yesterday, followed by a spicy dinner.

I’m driving the convertible to work today. I’m not wearing one of my Gwynnie Bee dresses because I’m not sure how getting out of the car is going to happen. It is so low to the ground, that I’m sure to show everyone my lady bits if I were to wear a dress. Prevention is key.

Ok, Brad might need to pry this car from me. I thoroughly enjoyed driving it to work this morning and am probably going to drive it again tomorrow. When I told him I might want to drive it again, he said: “oh great, we’re going to have to buy a second one because I have a feeling I won’t be able to drive it again.”


And, after the past two days, I’ve had… I deserve it.

I couldn’t get the top up, so I left it down. Brad makes it look so easy when we put the top on when riding together. He always leaves it down though while he’s at work, so I’m not too worried about it. I just know its going to get filled with pollen… and be super hot when I go to sit in it later.

I also know I have to ‘work’ this weekend, which is weighing on my mind. By “working”, I’m going to a fashion show in Boston. I’m excited, but not at the same time, because I’m going alone to network with some of our major donors for the nonprofit. I think it would be a little less nerve-racking if I had my sidekick with me.


In an effort to calm my stomach down, I waited until I got to work to make breakfast. It seemed to do the trick.

Again, I went right into work this morning, writing up my notes from last night’s meeting and sending out an email reminder about the things we’re trying to accomplish.

I got multiple comments on my cute outfit today, that made me feel good. I was just trying to wear something that could be convertible appropriate.


We’ve been trying to sell out old truck online, but someone keeps flagging it. We know it is this kid that asked us to trade it for a Pontiac and we said no. It hurt his feelings, and now he’s a consistent flagger. It’s annoying.

We’d sell or trade it, honestly. I wouldn’t mind something cool to have for the summer and then turn around and sell that instead. Brad has been sending out rapid fire emails all morning for things. We’ve gotten a lot of “no-thank-yous”, because who wants to trade for a big ass truck in the middle of the summer? Everyone wants cool fun cars, not big beasts. I just want it out of my driveway.


I was totally looking forward to my lunch today – leftover sweet potatoes stuffed with buffalo chicken. Though, I didn’t really think out my outfit vs. meal today. I’m wearing a white blouse. This could get messy.

I was pretty proud of myself for managing NOT to get hot sauce on my white blouse.

Coffee Run

The nice thing about having a fun car, is you get chosen to make coffee runs in the middle of a beautiful day. I mean, I’ll gladly take an hour out of my workday to drive to the preferred coffee shop on a beautiful day.

Torie came with me and we put around. Everyone got some form of a smoothie, except for me, I got a cold brew ice coffee – black of course.

We put the top up when we got back to the office, which was much easier with someone else helping.

I was glad to finally leave the office at 4 PM today. It is HOT right now.

I’m pretty glad the top was up, otherwise, I might have burned my ass right off.

The drive home was super busy. I don’t know what is up with all of this traffic. I got a few nods, a wave, and one “SIIIIIIIIICK” call out the window. Now I know why Brad likes this car so much.


I was glad to finally get home. It’s pretty hot and I have no desire to cook the regularly scheduled mushroom and greens side. So, we’re going to have leftover rainbow slaw. Brad is cooking ginger mango chicken on the grill tonight. Timing worked out pretty well with the menu, I’m happy not to be turning on the oven and creating more heat.

Going… Going… Gone.

Some kid is supposed to be coming to our house tonight to buy a subwoofer from Brad. Or something like that. Only, we have no idea what time he’s going to be here. I need to return a dress that I bought on Amazon because it was extremely similar to a silk robe.

I packaged up the dress and we went to the UPS store to drop it off. It turns out, that it will go out tonight… score.

When we got home, there was still no word from the kid that was supposed to come to the house. We started watching Surivor, then Designated Survivor

.. come on kid, it’s 8:30, I’m normally in bed by now.

He finally showed up, Brad talked to him forever, and then we went up to bed. Finally.


Brad is laying in bed bitching about how hot it is. I’ve given him two options:

  1. Do something about it and put in the window AC
  2. Quit Bitching.

He stopped complaining… but then started talking about the crazy storm we are getting.

Sure enough, an hour later we’re still awake watching and listening to the storm. Tomorrow should make for a great day of exhaustion.

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