R3D17: All hail the potato.


We did it AGAIN – Smoothies for breakfast.

Instead of making the traditional fruit smoothie, I added a banana, almond butter, coconut milk, a splash of coffee, and coconut to the blender. The addition of almond butter should provide the much-needed protein to get me through the morning.

I was on time for work, mostly because I already knew what I was wearing – thanks to Gwynnie Bee. I might try to get someone to take a picture of me in my outfit later so I can post a review on the website. One of the best parts of Gwynnie Bee is the reviews, you can look through them and see pictures of actual people wearing the outfits. This way, you have a true idea of how a garment looks on other people, and what it might look like on you.


People have Instagram themes through their pictures. I kind of want to get to that point too. I’ve decided that every other post I make will be a black and white inspirational quote. It will provide some depth to my main Instagram page.

Here’s the first one I posted:

I’m a graphic designer, so normally I would design my own stuff – but I downloaded the app “Word Swag” that makes it super easy to make cool images for social media. It’s like a little built-in graphic designer in my pocket, and I don’t need to open my Adobe programs or move images from my computer to my phone.

Speaking of graphic design

The new thing in marketing is Every Door Direct Mail. I’m getting together a piece for a new home-delivery campaign that we’ll be running in the towns that we serve.

It’s taking a lot longer than I thought it would.


I was surprised when I got to work and wasn’t sure if anyone was going to notice my new ‘attire’. I thought for sure one of the ladies would say they liked my dress, but to my surprise, it was my male coworker.

Domenic, “You look very… professional, that might not be the word,…today.”

Me, “Oh yeah? Polished maybe?”

Domenic, “Yeah that.”

Me, “I was going to go with the red cardigan, but chose the black one in the end.”

Domenic, “I think you made the right decision, you look very put together today.”

Well, ok then.

Ashley said she liked my dress too, but commented I looked like I was from the 50’s in my black and white polka dot dress. I can’t argue with that statement. And, who doesn’t like the 50’s? They were all glam back then.


I decided I didn’t want leftovers for lunch today because I wasn’t the biggest fan of the stuffed pork tenderloin. I can’t imagine I would like it any better reheated in a microwave then fresh out of the oven like we had it last night.

So, for today I’m having a Trader Joe’s spicy Italian sausage with a salad and leftover buffalo ranch dressing.

The smoothie this morning held me over much better than the fruit smoothies do. It has to be the addition of protein-packed almond butter. I’ll keep this in mind for the future.

Someone posted about this new habanero ranch dressing from Tessemae’s. I must own it.


A few days ago you probably saw that I bought one of each of the Polar Summer flavor seltzers.

So far, I’ve tried Raspberry Rose and Pineapple Grapefruit. Both delicious. Ashley and I are taking a walk across the street because I need a break and want some fresh air.

It must be fate because Market Basket is selling 8 packs of the summer flavor cans! I bought one, of course.

I’m sure I’ll be back to buy many other flavors. Yum Yum Yum!


It’s strange coming home and having a rest day from working out. I don’t know what to do with myself…. I decided to make dinner. We’re having Asian-style pork meatballs with a side salad.

The meatballs were super easy to make and tasted exactly like the pork dumplings that you get at a Chinese place. This flavor profile is completely different from what we’ve been eating a lot of.

Today is a big day for me because I’m officially three meals in with no potatoes. It can be easy to rely on potatoes on the Whole30, and we do eat them generally at least once a day. With working out so much, I find that I need potatoes to keep my energy levels up. Potatoes are a big reason why I can stay on this plan so easily.

So here it is in all its beauty, Meal 3 on day 17 of my 3rd round of Whole30.

I will be adding this to the menu again for sure.

After Brad saw my cute outfit… which I can’t bring myself to post a picture of… I packaged it up and notified Gwynnie Bee that it was on its way.

By sending a notification that the package is on its way, they’ll start prepping my next item to be sent while waiting for this one to arrive. So, this is a test – how long will it take to get another piece now that this one is in the mail. dun dun dun

I’m kind of ashamed to say that we watched tv and went to bed very, very early. It was still light out.

I didn’t sleep much last night, so I blame it on the fact that I need to play catch up.

Brad made it a point to say, “We can’t do this anymore.”

I know.

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