Oh hey there!

So it’s officially been 2 weeks since my third round of Whole30 ended.

We were out of town for Memorial Day weekend, where I did indulge in some non-paleo-friendly foods. However, for the most part, I opted for paleo friendly meal options, salads, and even beverages.

I’m testing out this “food freedom” thing while living mostly a paleo lifestyle. Normally, this would be difficult for me but by sticking to Paleo, it will give me another parameter to stay on track without getting out of control.

I’ve been Instagramming a lot more lately. The instant gratification of people liking and commenting on posts is nice, but I want to get back to blogging more regularly. I feel like journaling helps me stay on track and keep a positive mindset.

My weight hasn’t fluctuated much since the program ended, but I’m also trying to make-up for the off plan foods I indulged in over Memorial Day weekend.

Here is a glimpse of some of my meals since the last round ended:

Stupid Easy Paleo’s Fig & Mushroom Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Chicken

We had made this before with pork and the flavors were awesome. But, I’m just not the biggest pork tenderloin fan. So I made it with chicken instead, and it was so good!

Simple Breakfast

Brad’s back to using ketchup, I just use a little Frank’s Red Hot on my eggs. I’m still waking up every morning to make a full breakfast. Shown below are two eggs, scrambled, with Pederson’s spicy breakfast sausage patties, and strawberries. I’m just in a better mood all day when I eat a full meal like this in the morning.

Chicken Tenders

Brad literally begs me to make these chicken fingers. Over time, I’ve come up with my own recipe that I’ll eventually post. I’m also obsessed with the homemade Whole30 ranch recipe and crispy potatoes.


So, the cool thing about Paleo is that you can fully indulge in SWYPO (Sex with your pants on …. aka recreating treats/baked goods etc). You can also have natural sugars like honey.

I wanted to test out my first paleo “treat” and made magic bars. They’re paleo and contain coconut, coconut flour, dark chocolate chips, coconut milk, and almonds. That’s it. They are addictingly good. I ended up hiding them from myself so I didn’t over-indulge.


I’ve been eating a lot of salad. Which is great, because of its ‘summer’ (although it’s arguable here in NH with the 50degree weather we constantly keep having). I’m finding that some of the more simple meals are the best meals. We aren’t spending a ton of time in the kitchen for dinner, and these salads are refreshing, delicious, and filling.

Paleo Packaged Baked Goods

After Paleo Magazine came out with the ‘best of’ I felt the need to try Legit Bread Company Bagels. We made them this past weekend. The package makes a total of 6 bagels.

Yesterday was the first time we indulged (I froze the rest). And I re-created one of our favorites from the local breakfast place we love. Breakfast BLTs. Now, we’ve made BLTy-like meals for breakfast, but this is TOTALLY different.

After toasting the bagel, I layered it with romaine lettuce, mayo, tomato, bacon, a friend egg. Then again, bacon, tomato, mayo, romaine lettuce, and the bagel top.

It was… messy. But it was also WORTH IT!

This breakfast is beyond words. It doesn’t feel paleo. It doesn’t feel healthy.

This sandwich is just… delicious. On plan or off plan, this will be on the menu.

So, in a nutshell, it’s going well! I’m hoping to start blogging much more regularly. Maybe not daily like I do during the Whole30 stints, but at least a few times a week. I’m also planning on posting recipes as I come up with them.

If you want to follow me more on the daily, check out my instagram: @stephs_lifeasawhole

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